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Omegaverse Test Quiz

The Omegaverse, A/B/O (Alpha/Beta/Omega) dynamics, originated as a fan fiction subgenre. Its origins are debated, but it became widely recognized within various fandoms, especially those surrounding “Supernatural,” “Sherlock,” and other popular media franchises. Over time, it expanded to original works as well.

In the Omegaverse:

Alphas are portrayed as the dominant group. They’re typically assertive, protective, and sometimes aggressive. Physiologically, they go into “ruts,” which are heightened periods of sexual desire. They can be male or female, but regardless of their gender, they can impregnate Omegas.

Betas are seen as “normal” humans in this universe. They don’t go through heats or ruts like Alphas and Omegas. Their role varies by the story, but they’re frequently depicted as the majority of the population, living without the distinct physiological states of Alphas and Omegas. They serve as mediators or hold various roles in society.

Omegas can also be of any gender. They go through “heats,” periods of heightened fertility and sexual desire. Omegas can become pregnant by Alphas, regardless of their biological gender. Although many stories have strong, independent Omega characters, they’re portrayed as the more submissive group.

These dynamics incorporate a mixture of societal roles, gender roles, and animalistic behaviors, with various biological factors added to the mix (e.g., knotting, scent marking, etc.).

Given the popularity of Omegaverse in fan communities and the clear distinctions between character types, it’s natural that fans would create “tests” or quizzes similar to the “Which Harry Potter House are you?” tests. They’re a fun way for fans to engage with the content, imagine themselves within these universes, and explore their identities within the Omegaverse context.

Omegaverse Test (Quiz)

An “Omegaverse test” or “A/B/O test” is typically a fun and informal quiz that fans of the Omegaverse subgenre take to see which category (Alpha, Beta, or Omega) they align with based on their personalities or preferences.

Within this fictional universe:

  • Alphas are dominant protective, and play leadership roles.
  • Betas are neutral and depicted as regular humans without the distinct traits of Alphas or Omegas.
  • Omegas are more submissive, nurturing, and have unique reproductive capabilities.

Here’s a light-hearted quiz to define which Omegaverse dynamic you are:

How would you react in a heated argument?

A) Dominate the conversation and make sure my point is understood.
B) Try to mediate and find a middle ground.
C) I’d rather avoid conflict; I might become anxious or upset.

Which environment would you thrive in?

A) A leadership conference where I can express my ideas and lead.
B) A workshop where collaboration and teamwork are required.
C) A calm library or a serene garden where I can relax and reflect.

What’s your ideal relationship dynamic?

A) I prefer leading and taking charge, but with mutual respect.
B) I enjoy partnerships that are equal and balanced.
C) I often like someone else to lead, but they must be gentle and understanding.

What’s your preferred way of handling stress?

A) Tackling it head-on, solving the problem that’s causing it.
B) Discussing it, sharing my concerns, and finding a solution collaboratively.
C) Seeking comfort, perhaps through solitude or with close loved ones.

Choose an animal that you resonate with most:

A) Lion – I’m assertive and often in control.
B) Dolphin – I’m social and can navigate through different groups.
C) Deer – I’m gentle and sometimes prefer to avoid confrontation.

How would you describe your social circle?

A) I have a few people who truly respect and listen to me.
B) A mix of diverse friends; I fit in most social scenarios.
C) A few very close friends who understand and protect me.

In a team, what role are you most likely to play?

A) The leader or decision-maker.
B) The mediator or communicator.
C) The supporter or nurturer.


Mostly A’s: You resonate with the Alpha dynamics! Assertive, protective, and often leading the way, you have the qualities of an Alpha in the Omegaverse.

Mostly B’s: You’re akin to the Beta dynamics! Balanced, social, and versatile, you have the flexibility and mediator qualities of a Beta in the Omegaverse.

Mostly C’s: You align with the Omega dynamics! Gentle, sensitive, and nurturing, you have the comforting and understanding qualities of an Omega in the Omegaverse.

Everyone is unique, and categorizing real-life personalities into these dynamics oversimplifies the vast spectrum of human behavior.

Another Omegaverse Quiz

Here’s a more detailed Omegaverse test to further explore the dynamics:

1: When making important decisions…

  • A) I trust my instincts and rarely second-guess myself.
  • B) I think things through and might consult with close ones for opinions.
  • C) I usually seek advice from those I trust and lean on their guidance.

2: How do you handle someone crying in front of you?

  • A) I try to solve the root cause of their problem.
  • B) I listen to them and offer words of comfort or advice.
  • C) I empathize deeply and might also get emotional.

3: Choose a scent that appeals most to you:

  • A) Woody and strong.
  • B) Fresh and neutral.
  • C) Floral and soft.

4: In stressful situations, you…

  • A) Take charge and formulate a plan.
  • B) Stay calm, gauge the situation, and work with others.
  • C) Seek support and prefer if someone else takes the lead.

5: How do you handle criticism?

  • A) Take it as a challenge to prove myself.
  • B) Analyze its validity and see where I can improve.
  • C) Feel deeply affected but appreciate kind and constructive feedback.

6: At a party, you are likely to be…

  • A) Center of attention or with a select group.
  • B) Mingling with everyone, keeping the vibe light.
  • C) Staying with close friends or in a quiet corner.

7: Your approach to relationships is…

  • A) I’m protective and often take the initiative.
  • B) I believe in give and take, balance is key.
  • C) I’m nurturing and often like gestures of protection from my partner.

8: Which of these settings do you prefer?

  • A) A bustling city where I can make a mark.
  • B) A town where I know everyone and can work with them.
  • C) A serene countryside or a secluded beach.

9: Your favorite role in team projects?

  • A) Leader or strategist.
  • B) Coordinator or communicator.
  • C) Researcher or supporter.

10: Your ideal weekend consists of…

  • A) Adventure or trying something new and dominant.
  • B) Spending quality time with a variety of friends.
  • C) Relaxing, maybe reading or a spa day.


Mostly A’s: Strong Alpha vibes! You’re assertive, protective, and lead with confidence. You resonate with the qualities of an Alpha in the Omegaverse.

Mostly B’s: Balanced Beta! You are adaptable and social and bring harmony in most situations. You align with the mediator and versatile qualities of a Beta in the Omegaverse.

Mostly C’s: Gentle Omega! You’re intuitive, sensitive, and value deep emotional bonds. You embody the nurturing and understanding spirit of an Omega in the Omegaverse.

This test attempts to cover a broader range of qualities and scenarios associated with the Omegaverse dynamics.

Omegaverse Kink Test

Omegaverse has its roots in fan fiction and, over time, has evolved to encompass a wide variety of themes, including some that are more mature or kink-focused. Here’s a playful kink-oriented Omegaverse test for those who are curious.

Omegaverse Kink Test
Omegaverse Kink Test

1: Which scenario excites you more?

  • A) Being the one in control, guiding the pace and setting boundaries.
  • B) Playing a versatile role, sometimes leading, sometimes following.
  • C) Being taken care of, directed, and cherished.

2: How do you feel about marking or being marked?

  • A) I prefer doing the marking, claiming what’s mine.
  • B) Depends on the mood; I like both.
  • C) I like the idea of being marked and claimed.

3: How do you react to a challenge in a romantic setting?

  • A) Rise to it, showing my dominance.
  • B) Playfully engage, it could go either way.
  • C) Might shy away or prefer if someone takes the lead.

4: In terms of playfulness…

  • A) I’m the teaser, love to see reactions.
  • B) I like to mix it up, depending on my partner.
  • C) I love being teased and the anticipation it brings.

5: Power dynamics in intimate scenarios are…

  • A) Thrilling, especially when I’m in control.
  • B) Fluid; it’s fun to switch roles now and then.
  • C) Intense, especially when I’m the one being dominated.

6: How do you view vulnerability in intimate settings?

  • A) I like when my partner is vulnerable to me.
  • B) It’s a two-way street; we share moments of vulnerability.
  • C) I’m often the more vulnerable one, seeking protection.

7: How would you describe your aftercare needs?

  • A) I offer aftercare, ensuring my partner is okay.
  • B) Mutual aftercare, we take care of each other.
  • C) I love receiving aftercare, feeling cherished and secure.


Mostly A’s: Dominant Alpha! You like to be in control, guiding scenarios and ensuring everyone’s comfort, especially in more kink-oriented situations.

Mostly B’s: Versatile Beta! You’re adaptable and enjoy fluid power dynamics. You can dominate or be dominated depending on the situation and partner.

Mostly C’s: Submissive Omega! You appreciate the intensity of giving control to a trusted partner and find comfort in their guidance and protection.

Omegaverse Personality Test

Let’s create a more personality-oriented test to see which category someone might align within a fictional Omegaverse setting:

Omegaverse Personality Test
Omegaverse Personality Test

1: In a group setting, you are…

  • A) Often leading the conversation or setting the agenda.
  • B) Actively participating, mediating, and ensuring everyone is included.
  • C) Listening more than speaking, absorbing the vibes, and occasionally sharing your thoughts.

2: Your preferred leadership style is…

  • A) Direct and assertive, with clear expectations.
  • B) Collaborative, seeking input from others.
  • C) Supportive, offering help and preferring to follow directions.

3: When faced with conflict…

  • A) You confront it head-on, expressing your perspective.
  • B) You try to mediate and understand both sides.
  • C) You might retreat a bit, seeking harmony and peace.

4: If someone is upset or sad, you…

  • A) Offer solutions to their problems and act protective.
  • B) Listen to them, share your feelings, and try to find a middle ground.
  • C) Feel their pain deeply and offer emotional support.

5: What’s your approach to new challenges?

  • A) Tackle them head-on, with confidence in overcoming them.
  • B) Analyze the situation, seek advice, and then proceed.
  • C) Hesitate a bit but trust in guidance from trusted sources.

6: In friendships, you…

  • A) Are often the protector, giving advice and looking out for others.
  • B) Are the glue, balancing between friends and maintaining harmony.
  • C) Are the nurturer, offering emotional support and care.

7: How do you handle stressful situations?

  • A) By taking charge and forming a plan.
  • B) By collaborating with others, pooling resources, and finding solutions.
  • C) By seeking solace and assurance, relying on the strength of others.


Mostly A’s: Alpha – You’re assertive, protective, and lead the way. You resonate with the leadership and dominant qualities of an Alpha in the Omegaverse.

Mostly B’s: Beta – You’re balanced, harmonious, and deeply social. You align with the mediator and connector qualities of a Beta in the Omegaverse.

Mostly C’s: Omega – You’re sensitive, nurturing, and value deep connections. You embody the supportive and emotionally in-tune spirit of an Omega in the Omegaverse.

Omegaverse Rank Test

Creating an Omegaverse rank test involves diving deeper into the nuances of the Omegaverse. Aside from the primary dynamics of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, some portrayals of the Omegaverse have detailed hierarchy and roles within these categories.

Let’s make a playful test to determine one’s rank within the Omegaverse context:

1: At a gathering, you are…

  • A) In the center, voicing your opinions and guiding topics.
  • B) Mingling with many, keeping the mood light and balanced.
  • C) Observing from the sidelines, taking everything in.

2: Your decision-making style is…

  • A) Quick and decisive, trusting your instincts.
  • B) Deliberate, weighing pros and cons and possibly consulting others.
  • C) Prefer to follow someone else’s lead.

3: Your ideal team role is…

  • A) The leader, setting vision and direction.
  • B) A key contributor, lending expertise where needed.
  • C) Support, ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

4: In friendships, you are the one who…

  • A) Offers protection and guidance.
  • B) Brings everyone together.
  • C) Offers emotional support.

5: In a crisis, your first instinct is to…

  • A) Take charge and set a plan.
  • B) Collaborate and pool resources.
  • C) Seek protection and assurance.

6: When it comes to responsibility…

  • A) You actively seek it and thrive in leadership roles.
  • B) You take it when needed and are reliable.
  • C) You prefer if someone else takes the lead.

7: How do you handle someone challenging your views?

  • A) Assert your views and defend your stance.
  • B) Engage in a dialogue, trying to find common ground.
  • C) Listen and possibly avoid confrontation.


Mostly A’s: High-ranking Alpha – You display leadership and dominance like an Alpha who takes charge. You resonate with the top-tier roles within the Alpha rank in Omegaverse.

Mostly B’s: Beta Elite – You are a central figure within the Beta category, showing traits of leadership but also collaboration. In the Omegaverse, you’d be a high-ranking Beta who bridges the gap between Alphas and Omegas.

Mostly C’s: Omega – You value protection, guidance, and emotional connections. Within the Omega rank in the Omegaverse, you may resonate more with traditional Omega roles that embody vulnerability and nurturing.

Everyone is multi-dimensional, and real-life personalities surround much more than can be captured in a simple test.

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