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Dreaming about someone you like is very common in life. Dreams can run the gamut from delightful to nightmarish, but what do they mean when it comes to romantic dreams? If you dream about someone, does that mean you’re meant to be with them, or is it wishful thinking? Is that a warning sign if the dream is terrible, like dreaming of someone hurting you?

According to psychology, recurring dreams about the same person shouldn’t be taken too literally, whether they are your best friend or a sworn enemy. Having recurring dreams about someone for some time is a common phenomenon.

These dreams do not mean that you are obsessed with this individual. It might symbolize some particular trait that this person has and that you may want to have in your relationships or avoid dreaming of someone you dislike.

So ask yourself what or not this person has that you admire most. How could you benefit right now in your working life from having or avoiding that particular personality trait? Your subconscious uses this person’s imagery to tell you what it wants, but you decide about this unconscious message.

Dreaming about someone you like is a mesmerizing journey through the deepest corners of your feelings, illuminating your desires, hopes, and innermost thoughts. It’s a voyage into a world where reality meets fantasy, allowing your subconscious to dance with the possibilities of what could be. These dreams reflect not just attraction but also a connection to qualities and emotions that a person embodies, offering insights into your psyche and heart’s yearnings.

Why do you keep dreaming about the like person?

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like? Sometimes dreams are romantic, sometimes sexual, and sometimes they’re fun. You’re doing fun things with that other person. But what we all tend to do as soon as we wake up we start thinking about that person even more.

Various factors can influence dreams, including our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and subconscious mind. When you consistently dream about a specific person, it could indicate their significance or influence in your waking life. Here are a few possible reasons why you might keep dreaming about the same person:

Emotional Connection: If you have a strong emotional connection with a person, such as a romantic partner, close friend, or family member, it’s natural for them to appear in your dreams frequently. Dreams often reflect our emotional states and can serve as a way for our minds to process and explore our relationships and feelings toward others.

Subconscious Thoughts and Desires: Dreams can tap into our subconscious thoughts and desires, including unresolved or unexpressed emotions related to the person. These dreams could manifest in your subconscious mind as you attempt to process and make sense of those thoughts and desires.

Daily Interactions and Influence: If you interact with the person regularly or they play a significant role in your life, their presence might seep into your dreams as a reflection of their influence on your waking experiences. Your mind may be processing the events and interactions of the day, and the person naturally becomes a part of that mental processing.

Symbolic Representation: Dreams often use symbolic representations to convey messages or emotions. The person you dream about may symbolize certain qualities, characteristics, or experiences you associate with them. These dreams can provide insights into those symbolic representations and what they might mean to you.

Unresolved Issues or Questions: Dreams can serve as a platform for exploring unresolved issues, questions, or conflicts. If you have unresolved matters or uncertainties involving the person you dream about, your mind may continue to process them during dream states.

We try to ask ourselves, what did that dream mean? Does it mean I should be with that person? Does it mean I should talk to them? What exactly is my brain trying to tell me? The honest answer is no one knows. But you should still talk to your crush and ask them out, and here’s why.

See if you can make that happen. It might sound a little jarring, but your brain is trying to tell you that you want to form a deeper connection with this person, so don’t argue with your brain. Just go for it.

What do you think, though? Have you ever had a dream about your crush before? What did you make of that whole experience? Leave your comments below, and we’ll talk about them.

Usually, your dreams are tied to the different types of experiences you’re going through. Your brain manifests these images based on the things you’re experiencing. For example, if you had a dream where you’re underwater and trying to get to the top to get some air, it might be because you’re too stressed out, and your brain is creating that image to show it.

Explanation of dreaming about someone you like

What you see in the dream might not be a literal representation of what you’re going through but more symbolic. That’s important to remember when we talk about dreams about your crushes.

Explanation of dreaming about someone you like
Dreaming about someone you like

When another person pops into your dreams, it’s usually because you’ve been thinking about them in some capacity.

1. Dreaming about crush

When you dream about someone, are they thinking of you? You might see a person in your dream because you are genuinely or very concerned about the person. So you might end up seeing this person in your dream.

This is a prevalent example that happens to so many of us. For example, dream about talking to your crush that you never talk to. All of a sudden, you wake up, and you find yourself hugging the pillow.

In such a case, your mind used something you wanted in your dream. Satisfying some of your unmet needs while you are sleeping is something that often happens with dreams.

For example, many of the dreams we see while we are asleep are usually representations of things we wanted in real life, which we truly desired. So we saw it in our dreams even though we never had this thing in real life.

2. Breaking up a relationship

Being cheated on in a dream represents your insecurities in your relationship and a fear of abandonment. You may feel like you’re not getting enough attention from your partner. It may also be a result of self-esteem issues.

  • Breaking up with someone is a little complicated. It could mean there’s something in your life you need to let go of. It doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, though. It could mean you’re ready to move on to the next level in your relationship. Sometimes, the fear of loss creates this type of dream.
  • Getting dark dreams of abandonment signifies it’s time to let go of past attachments and states of mind that no longer serve you. You may have a fear of abandonment that stems from childhood trauma. Also, the dream means that your needs aren’t being met.

3. Dreaming about your ex

The most common meaning is that something in your life reminds you of feelings. You had during the time you were with your ex. These can be positive or negative. If negative, it may be a warning sign that your current relationship has the same harmful patterns as your old one.

  • You’ve been thinking about your ex a lot and interacting with them. Whether looking at them or talking to them because that person is frequently on your mind, your brain will whip up a dream with them.

There are two different scenarios when you have dreams of your ex:

i) One might be when you’ve broken up, divorced, or separated from your ex.

ii) The second is when you’ve had more time between the breakup or separation. They mysteriously come into your dreams for some reason that doesn’t make sense.

4. Dreams about kissing

This dream reveals that your mind is healthy and happy because you’re only likely to have these dreams. When you are relaxed regarding relationships, this can also mean reminiscing about past relationships. This type of dream involves our hidden desires that we can’t understand or want to do.

There are two different scenarios when you have dreams about kissing:

i) You are kissing your loved or known person. It means that you trust them and want to hang out with them. If you kiss your love, then it’s all about your emotional connection. Kissing your friend or close person can be an attraction or a falling love signal.

ii) You are kissing an unknown person in your dreams! It means that your physical need or seeing some romantic scene or movie creates a desire in your mind. The hormonal (Dopamine/Oxytocin) flow your brain wants to feel practical.

5. Being in love

They may also manifest in your dreams if you love them in the real world. Most of the time, you see that you hide and feel shy toward your love.

You want to talk with them, but you can’t do it. You feel insecure and fear loss. Sometimes, this can be romantic, like kissing or expressing your love.

  • If your love is laughing at you in the dream, it means you fear talking or have low confidence.
  • If your love is feeling shy in your dream, then it means that you are confident and ready to propose or date.
  • Getting engaged in dreams is quite literal and signifies your excitement about marriage.

6. Triangle love dreams

Numerate double-dating one interpretation is that they represent the duality of two sides of your personality. The side you show the world and your true self. Another interpretation is your desire to socialize. Being in a love triangle reveals a lot about your state of mind and your current relationship.

  • If you dream that you and another person love the same person, this could reveal insecurity and jealousy.
  • It could mean a lack of commitment if you dream about being in love with two people. Alternatively, the three people in your dream could represent three versions of yourself experiencing internal conflict.

7. Dream of lust

These dreams are relatively common and reveal your current state of mind. Dreams of lust may mean something that isn’t satisfying, or you lack self-control in certain areas.

  • A wet dream with your love means you are expecting sex and intimacy. This is a very common dream in relationships because your brain is jam-packed with your love memories and wants to release them through a physical way to relax.
  • Engaging, dating, or marrying may be a sign of your mind. It depends on different situations and feelings. If you dream about a committed wedding, you love genuinely and want to keep this relationship long.

8. Hooking up with someone

If you dream about hooking up with someone, it can mean you want to or have a hidden desire. Most of the time, believe it or not, it’s not even about sex.

  • Dreaming about having sex with someone or hooking up with someone, whether a crush or someone at work, typically means that there’s something you believe. You can get from them, and it’s something emotional you’re craving, like in real life.

You will feel the law of attraction by creating those emotions. Be real with yourself. Your body might be trying to help you get some by throwing in a little sexy dream.

  • It’s less about the person in the dream and more about your body saying you need to get some ASAP. Our dreams are filled with so much information, and so much can affect them, for instance, if you watch TV late at night.

You may dream of similar things in the show that night or shortly afterward. That’s why it’s super important not to take a dream literally but to look at all the factors that might have influenced your dream state, which brings me to dream.

9. Dream about marrying

If you dream about marrying someone you’re dating or you’ve met, does that necessarily mean you’re supposed to be with them, or will you marry them?

It is a sign from the universe that you will be married. See it as a prophecy of marriage rather than necessarily about that person who takes the pressure off. You can then feel into your intuition to see if the dream is not only prophesizing a marriage in your future. It’s how you feel when you wake up from a dream.

  • Suppose you feel this calm sensation of knowing almost even before your mind fully wakes up and starts analyzing. That indicates that your dream intuitively reveals a real possibility for your future.
  • If you didn’t have that calm, peaceful knowing and immediately launched into a mental analysis of what it means, maybe you don’t want it to happen.

10. Dreams about losing someone you like

Most of the time, dreams are mostly about processing emotions. It’s our brain’s way of letting things out and working through all the complicated feelings and thoughts we consciously and unconsciously have in a day.

So if you dream of someone losing or hurting you, that means they’re going to do it, Or they already are. The most important thing in analyzing this dream is immediately noticing how you feel.

  • A dream of someone leaving indicates that some of you feel unsafe in the relationship. You might have underlying fears that love will never work out for you, and it’s playing out in your dreams.
  • You have wounds to heal from your past or childhood that can make you feel like no one can be trusted or there for you. So again, the most important thing is always to use dreams to heal your emotional world.

The solution to bad dreams about your relationship: You can program your dream before going to sleep and tell yourself. This mainly works when you’ve had a disturbing dream or are angry or upset.

Please go into the next night’s sleep and say I don’t want to dream of my ex or crush. Say it ten times and sleep. If you see the dream again, ignore it and don’t tell anyone or recall it. Your brain will take it unnecessarily when you try to avoid it and show less priority. You will discover that you are free from these unwanted dreams.

Common Dreams About Your Crush And What They Mean

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about someone you like

Dreaming about someone you like is a profound experience, leaving you with lingering feelings and thoughts upon waking. The spiritual interpretation of such dreams can vary widely, depending on your beliefs, the context of the dream, and the emotions you felt during the dream. Here’s a detailed look at some of the potential spiritual meanings behind this type of dream:

Reflection of Inner Desires: At its most fundamental level, dreaming about someone you like may reflect your desires and longings. Spiritually, this manifests your innermost feelings and wishes, bringing them to the surface in a form that your conscious mind can interact with. It’s a way for your subconscious to communicate with your conscious self about what truly matters to you.

Connection on a Soul Level: Some spiritual beliefs hold that dreams about someone you like indicate a deep, soul-level connection. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is your soulmate, but it signifies that your souls somehow acknowledge each other beyond the physical realm. This connection is a sign to explore the relationship further or to meditate on what this person represents in your life.

Personal Growth and Self-Reflection: Dreams serve as mirrors, reflecting aspects of ourselves that we may not be fully aware of. Dreaming about someone you like symbolizes qualities or traits you admire in them, which are qualities you wish to develop in yourself. This dream encourages you to self-reflect and embark on a journey of personal growth.

Guidance and Reassurance: In times of uncertainty or emotional turmoil, dreaming about someone you like is a form of spiritual guidance or reassurance. It could be interpreted as a sign that you are not alone in your journey, reminding you that love and support are available in the physical world and beyond.

Manifestation of Energy: From a spiritual perspective, thoughts and emotions are energy. Dreaming about someone you like manifests as the energy you’re putting into thinking about or longing for this person. It’s a reminder that where you focus your energy can significantly impact your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Premonition or Psychic Connection: Some traditions believe dreams are prophetic or indicate a psychic connection between people. If you dream about someone you like, it is perceived as a premonition of future developments in your relationship or an indication that the person is thinking about you, too.

Healing Process: If you’ve been going through a difficult time related to your feelings for this person or other aspects of your life, dreaming about someone you like represents a healing process. It symbolizes the healing of emotional wounds or the beginning of a new, more positive phase in your life.

Dreaming about someone you like in a relationship

Dreaming about someone you like being in a relationship can stir up emotions, from happiness to jealousy or even sadness. Such dreams are thought-provoking, leaving you to wonder about their deeper, possibly spiritual, significance. Let’s explore the potential meanings behind this type of dream:

Dreaming about someone you like in a relationship
Dreaming about someone you like in a relationship

Unfulfilled Desires: At its core, dreaming about the person you like being in a relationship reflects your desires and current unmet needs. It represents a fear of missing out (FOMO) or anxiety about not being able to be with this person. Spiritually, this dream urges you to confront these feelings, encouraging personal growth and understanding your needs and desires.

Jealousy or Insecurity: Such a dream also symbolizes feelings of jealousy or insecurity that you may not fully acknowledge in your waking life. It’s a manifestation of the fear that you’re not good enough or the worry that someone else take a place you wish to hold in that person’s life. On a spiritual level, this is a call to work on your self-esteem and learn to value yourself more.

Release and Letting Go: If you’re dreaming about someone you like with someone else, it’s a sign from your subconscious or the universe that it’s time to release these feelings and let go. It’s a spiritual nudge to move on from longing for what cannot be, to open your heart to new possibilities, and to focus on what truly serves your highest good.

Reflection on Relationship Dynamics: This dream also prompts you to reflect on the dynamics of relationships, including what you seek in a partner and love. It highlights the qualities you admire in the person you like and your partner in the dream, suggesting what you are looking for in a relationship.

Acceptance of Reality: Dreaming about the person you like being in a relationship with someone else can also be a process of coming to terms with reality. If the person you want is already in a relationship, this dream is helping you to process and accept this fact on a deeper, more spiritual level, facilitating emotional healing.

Personal Growth: On a broader scale, this dream signifies your journey toward personal growth and development. It’s about learning to deal with difficult emotions, understanding the nature of your attachments, or even discovering the importance of loving yourself first.

Opportunity for Self-Love: Finally, such dreams remind you of the importance of self-love and the need to focus on your well-being. It is a spiritual prompt to nurture and care for yourself, recognizing that happiness and fulfillment come from within, not from another person.

Interpreting dreams is a very personal process, and what stands out most is how the dream makes you feel and what it prompts you to think about in your waking life. Reflecting on these feelings and thoughts can offer valuable insights into your desires fears, and the steps you can take toward emotional and spiritual growth.

Dreaming of someone being attracted to you

Dreaming about someone being attracted to you is a delightful and confidence-boosting experience, offering a rich tapestry of potential meanings and insights into your subconscious mind and spiritual journey. Let’s unpack some of the layers to understand the potential spiritual and psychological significance of such dreams:

Self-Esteem and Confidence: Dreaming of someone being attracted to you mirrors feelings of self-worth and confidence. It’s a positive affirmation from your subconscious, suggesting you recognize your value and attractiveness. Spiritually, this is a sign of personal growth and self-acceptance, encouraging you to embrace your qualities and project confidence in your waking life.

Desire for Connection: Such dreams also reflect a deep-seated desire for connection, intimacy, and being valued by others. It indicates that you’re ready to open up to new or deepen existing relationships. Spiritually, this dream urges you to explore your heart’s desires and consider what connections genuinely matter to you.

Manifestation of Inner Desires: On a deeper level, dreaming about someone being attracted to you manifests your desire to be loved and admired. It represents your wishes coming to the surface, showing you what you yearn for in relationships or how you wish to be perceived by others.

Reflection of Self-Love: This type of dream can also reflect self-love. If you’ve been working on loving yourself and recognizing your worth, dreaming of someone else being attracted to you is a sign that your efforts are bearing fruit. Spiritually, it’s a reminder that love for oneself attracts love from others, resonating with the principle that like attracts like.

Premonition of New Beginnings: Some people believe that dreams carry premonitory messages. In this context, dreaming about someone being attracted to you hints at new beginnings or the emergence of new relationships in your life. It’s a spiritual nudge to remain open to the possibilities the universe has in store for you.

Encouragement to Take Action: If you’ve been hesitant or unsure about expressing your feelings toward someone, this dream encourages your subconscious to take action. It’s telling you that the attraction is mutual or that you have nothing to lose by revealing your feelings.

Integration of Masculine and Feminine Energies: From a Jungian perspective, such a dream symbolizes the integration of your psyche’s masculine and feminine aspects, leading to a more balanced and harmonious state of being. It indicates that you’re in the process of embracing and balancing these energies within yourself, which, in turn, makes you more attractive to others.


Dreams reveal something that a part of you wishes might happen or thinks is supposed to happen. When it comes to dreaming about someone, what’s most important in deciphering the dream’s meaning isn’t necessarily its contents. Typically, your underlying emotions reveal way more to you than the picture you see in the dream. The dream was a way for your subconscious to process what was happening and reveal the emotional information you needed.

As we draw the curtain on the enchanting subject of dreaming about someone you like, it’s clear that these nocturnal narratives are more than just fleeting fantasies. They mirror our emotions, desires, and the complexities of human relationships, offering a unique perspective on our connections. Whether a whisper of longing, a reflection of admiration, or a beacon of hope for future possibilities, such dreams weave the fabric of our emotional world, reminding us of the profound impact others have on our lives.

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