Different Types Of Insecurities & Solutions

Insecurities Types

Insecurity is a mental condition where people feel insecure and fear about themselves. Also, insecurities are the false imagination in our minds. People who feel low self-confidence, anxiety, depression, and negative commonly have insecure.

Many causes are responsible for insecurities. I want to talk about insecurities that make you so insecure. Before starting at first, you need to understand yourself and your mind. Please take a pen and paper and write down your insecurities of yours. Then begin to read the article and try to match yourself.

Different types of insecurities

We’re going to talk about some popular insecurities that most people have. Also, we will talk about the solution to overcome insecurities. Here is a list of insecurities. Let’s start!

1. Fear of rejection

It’s okay to be jealous in a relationship. If that person is not jealous, that’s a red flag. But this is a degree to which you’re supposed to be jealous. These people probably like affection, or they fear being rejected so much because they were probably rejected at some point.

Solution: Learn to accept yourself the way you want. You are magnificent. You should work on your self-esteem.

2. Inferiority complex

The second category of people is very insecure and cannot post on social media. Some people can not genuinely post on social media because they don’t feel like it.

  • They feel like social media is for the reach. Social media is for the pretty, rich, or brilliants.
  • They think I will not get as many likes as everyone else.

Solution: Stop comparing yourself with others and stop looking for validation from human beings. They are imperfect. So why do you have to look for confirmation from imperfect humans? Stop with a comparison. I don’t know why people do that!

3. Physical insecurities (Self-doubt)

These people have issues with their physique stages suffer from self-doubt.

  • They look themselves in the mirror, and they see everything that is wrong about them.
  • They see the big eyes, big-nose, big mouths, pointy ears, big tummies, etc.

Most people don’t know these insecurities because it’s usually only in your head.

Solution: If you’re skinny, you can eat. If you’re huge, you can walk out. There are many solutions that you can solve your problem.

4. Fear of losing

The fourth category is the people who have issues with their fear of losing. These types of people sometimes suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

  • In this type, people have insecurities that relationship cannot work or you will fail in the exam.
  • They are very conservative-minded and overthinker.

Solution: You need to learn to trust your partner. Otherwise, you’re going to end up. Fear is your false imagination. Most of your fears never happen in your life. So review your past and identify that your fear is meaningless.

5. Intellectual ability

The people are insecure about their intellectual ability or personal insecurities. They hide their original personality and show fake confidence.

  • These people fall into two different categories like some will struggle so hard for people to see that they are not stupid.
  • They will never give you their opinion because they believe their idea so stupid.

Solution: Practice self-approval stop wanting to be so much of a perfectionist. No one was perfect. So concentrate on your positive attributes, focus on your success, focus on your excellent features.

6. Fear of age

It’s not okay for you to feel wrong about your age. Most people try to break down the natural process of their bodies. They take medicine use beauty products, health products, and many harmful supplements that are not good for their health.

  • In this type of person they always try to hide their age artificially and feel shy to talk with youth.
  • They feel social anxiety, shyness, fear, etc. Most of them are very quiet.

Solution: If you’re 30, why do you want to feel like you’re 25! Why do you want to feel younger, like every stage in life? Age doesn’t become something that bothers you when you grow older.

7. Ascribing intention

Ascribing intention is the act of assuming that someone is doing something negative toward you or someone or a group of people without having any real evidence. Your mind will register that they have a problem with you.

  • This type of people think negatively and feel depressed.
  • They can not achieve their goal or finish their task in time.

Solution: Sit and think about this person’s actions or the group of people. You have to ask yourself- Are they consistently like this?

  • If yes, then, unfortunately, it’s likely that maybe these people do have some bad intentions toward you.
  • If no, then it may be a day that you’re feeling a little insecure and projecting.


So those are the most popular insecurities that most people have. If you feel like you fall under any of them, you can comment below. But if you don’t fall under any of the categories, you can still comment down below what makes you feel insecure and why it makes you feel insecure. What do you think people should do about their insecurities?

You must continue to work on yourself. When we check in with ourselves, we’re finding where the source of insecurity is coming from. it could be from you, or it could be from someone external to you. Sometimes it could be coming from both sides, and in these situations, if the person is close enough to you, the two of you probably sit and y discuss it.

  • Talk about it, find out where it’s coming from and how you can work around it.

I hope you enjoyed this article, it was informative to you helped you with insecurity. If you did, please make sure to share this article with your friends and family. Stay secure, and stay happy.

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