Why Does Cold Water Taste Better?

Cold Water Facts

Why does cold water taste better than hot water? If it’s all made up of the same two hydrogens and one oxygen, then why is there a difference in the taste of water based on its temperature? The difference in taste is due to the sensitivity to cold food, drinks, and thirst. The cold suppresses the flavors that you taste in sweetness.

For example, if you’ve ever left a soda until room temperature, you will notice that it tastes much sweeter than cold. Hence the reason why sodas are usually served with ice. You’re wondering if the cold suppresses the taste, then why is iced water better tasting than other water temperatures? It is because of the minerals within your water.

Why does cold water taste better?

Cold temperatures suppress taste. Warmer water has faster-moving molecules that amplify the flavors we can detect with our taste buds. Here are some factors for better taste:

Temperature Sensation: Cold water provides a refreshing and cooling sensation in the mouth, which can enhance the overall taste experience. The low temperature can numb certain taste buds, reducing sensitivity to any unpleasant flavors that might be present.

Thirst-Quenching: Cold water is more effective at quenching thirst compared to room temperature or warm water. The coolness of cold water provides a more satisfying and refreshing feeling, especially on a hot day or after physical activity.

Enhanced Flavor Perception: Cold temperatures can improve the perception of certain flavors in water. Cold water tends to have a cleaner and crisper taste, making drinking more enjoyable. It can also suppress any metallic or off-flavors that might be present.

Mouthfeel: Cold water has a different mouthfeel than warm or room-temperature water. It can feel more invigorating, crisp, and refreshing, contributing to the overall perception of it tasting better.

Psychological Association: Many people have developed a positive association between cold water and refreshment. Cold water is associated with revitalizing, soothing, and satisfying, which can influence one’s perception of its taste.

Whether you get filtered or not, drinking water always has minerals and impurities. However, it isn’t healthy to drink water full of this stuff. The truth is that many of these minerals within the water we drink are healthy for us and contain components that are a key part of the minerals in our saliva.

Consuming water without these or using a water dispenser means missing out on the nutrition we need. Furthermore, 100% pure water is unhealthy when consumed. Pure water molecules are good at dissolving other molecules, hence their common use in cleaning sensitive environments such as computer chips. Although purified water isn’t poisonous, it acts as a cleaning agent in your mouth, taking out the minerals from your saliva, including the healthy ones.

But back to the original point, the water we drink has all minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium, which don’t taste great. Ice water’s coldness suppresses many unpleasant tastes that are otherwise amplified when warmed up. This is the exact reason why cold water tea is better for many. It doesn’t have better flavors and only hides the bad ones. Also, it is why the best-tasting water is a cup of cold, crispy water.

Consuming cold water aids your body and reduces body temperature for combating heatstroke. During summer, your body finds absorbing cold water easier, and it feels tasty. As such, consuming one glass of cold water eases your body and reduces the possibility of having a heart. Based on research, drinking cold water or cold water baths enhances your metabolism.

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